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Refund Request (NetherNoob55)


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Your Name: NetherBoy55 (This is my real in game name)
Item Name + Amount: Heck I lost a lot but I had a PowerFist with the upgrades of the highest battery and the pickaxe upgrade. I had around 64 turbines, 128 Electromagnets, and 32 Electromagnetic glass. I also had about 70 Marble Bricks. 64 Redstone Energy Conduit and 32 Fluiducts. I also had 1 Tesseract, A full Resonant Energy Cell, and about 20 Energy Transfer Nodes. The last thing I lost was 1 half full drum of water. 


X: 3079

Y: 40

Z: -1169
Description of Issue: I used /descend and it put me in a pool of lava and I died. 
Screenshots (Optional): Nope


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