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[DW 1.7.10] Buycraft Kit


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Items ([amount]x [id]):

1x 1626

1x 1626:1

1x 1626:2

192x 5560:14

10x 5560:92

1x 5560:164

1x 5560:45

10x 5560:40

1x 5560:44

1x 5560:43

10x 5560:71

32x 5560:128

2x 5560:83

5x 5560:93

3x 1668

1x 1632

1x 1631

3x 5560:64

10x 5560:23

5x 5560:10

10x 5560:38

10x 5560:39

10x 5560:90

1x 5560:42

10x 5560:89

1x 397:3

1x 383:98

6x 383:6404


Reason for request: Witchery is a mod containing many things that can be very frustrating to do. Making the different square-bottled (Redstone soup, infernal animus, etc)  brews, and getting all the coven witches, plus powering your altar. I have created a kit which, while allowing you to explore different parts of witchery, provides the means to "kickstart" your journey through the mod. It offers the square-bottled brews, a familiar + 6 coven witches, vampirism, all the plants, altar power, as well as some hard to get ingredients. I believe that these things will make such an expansive mod as witchery easier to start.

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