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Refund request llaya

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Your Name: llaya
Item Name + ID + Amount: Epic Bacon 5661 4 or 5 stacks, 1 llaya headcrumbs head (don't know the id)
Coordinates: Where the luggage used to be: x= -15798 y= 144 z= -12992
Description of Issue: 

It appears i lost my luggage (openblocks) with a few stacks of epic bacon and my own headcrumbs head (for a statue) and some seeds i think.


According to the gamepedia it shouldn't die/dissapear as it teleports to you like a dog, even when falling in the void, and is immune to all kinds of damage.

I took it with me to the nether, but i didn't pay attention and it teleported to the nether spawn platform after falling, after which it got stuck int he portal to spawn, i couldn't pick it up there because no perms, and then i pushed it into the end portal hoping to be able to retrieve it there, but i couldn't find it anywhere. I relogged, went back to my island hoping it'd teleport to me there again but it didn't, then i rechecked the nether and then a whole lot of the end around the end spawn platform but it seems i lost it entirely.


The luggage was charged and named Munchy. It's on a chair on my island x= -15798 y= 144 z= -12992 on the backups before 18-6-2018 t:3.00 CET
If it's possible to get my original Munchy back from a save/backup that's be nice too. I don't exactly know how much epic bacon i had left in it but i think 4 to 5 stacks. Exact quantities can be checked in the saves.

Screenshots (Optional): it's not the luggage itself, but you can see it sitting between the deep dark portal and the cake in the middle of the right half of the first picture and smaller and more in the center of the second picture.


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