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Part of ME destroyed after restart


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I recently made a rollback request about my part of my ME system being destroyed.

It happened again but i witnessed it. After regular server restart (happened at 22:40 or so) i logged back in and saw my system being destroyed and had all items drives and controllers on the ground. I dont really know whats causing it so it would be nice to understand the problem.




Here are some screenshots



(i hope the links will exist for some time)

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I had the same issue a while back, the AE2 blocks would then pop and drop when I replaced them. Hasn't happened in quite awhile though. After the claim issue fix today though, I've had some cables not connecting. Once I break that cable to fix it, the interface and patterns inside will disappear. Also can't access the interface to remove them prior to. They also aren't accessible through the terminal either.


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