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Nach Serverreset fehlen unsere MAX Townclaims und Geld bei meiner Frau


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Hi GM's,


meine Frau und ich sind seid langem mal wieder on gekommen,

und haben ein paar sachen die fehlen.

Ingame Namen






1. meiner frau fehlt ihr /money

ca 70.000

bei mir auch kann aber nicht sagen wie viel ist jetzt auch egal bei mir.



unsere maximalen claims

wir hatten damals erst auf premium aufgestockt

Sie 112 Claims

Ich 112 Claims

danach haben wir später auf premium + geupdated

sie 112+160

Ich 112 + 160

und meine frau hat für mich glaube ich einmal für 4,99€ extra claims gekauft.

Sie 112+160 =272 claims Feenya

Ich 112+160+160=472 Claims MASHRomeo


Wäre nett wenn uns die jemand wieder gutschreibt wir hatten eine ziemlich große base und wollten das sehr gerne wiederholen


mfg   MASHRomeo & Feenya

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Hi Jimmel , my wife and me have 2 problems we play on Infity Evolved and miss aour max Town claims


She 112+160 =272 Claims Feenya (premium;premium+)

I- 112+160+160=472 Claims MASHRomeo (premium;premium+;claimkit(4,99€))


we both did a upgrate to premium  after few days we upgrated to premium plus after that my Wife bought me a 4,99€ claim kit at the shop


also we missing our money .

my Wife miss about 70k ingame  $

my own missed Money is unknown , but thats not very important for me.


Would be nice is someone could Edit our Profiles


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I find three payments:


Feenya INF Premium+
MASHRomeo Premium+
and $4.99 worth of claim blocks + market merchant.


I resent all three, so you should get the money, bonuses and keys from the premium+ ranks. You should also get the town claim blocks from the 3rd payment... and I think that should cover everything. Give it up to 5 minutes to apply ingame and let us know if there is anything missing, there shouldn't be :P

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Hello Henk, i´am very sorry but there are still 2 problems.

but first . ok we got the Premium +  status  thanks for that but we both miss the (normal)Premium claims  112 each.



the reason of that is:

we both first updated from Normal users to Premium Users ... and got 112 claims each +  ... after that we upgrate both to premium plus and got added 160 claims to our premium (NORM)



She 112+160 =272 Claims Feenya (premium;premium+

I- 112+160+160=472 Claims MASHRomeo (premium;premium+;claimkit(4,99€))


actually we got together 510 claims togehter (20 standard claims + 10 Claims for a second person (510- 30 claims) =

480 claims got added


472 MASH +272 Feenya + 30 Standard = 

774 Claims together


774Claims - 480 Claims =


294 Claims still too less


2. also my Wife still have 60k $ lost  meanwhile he got 10000$ added with premium +



Thank you very much


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The $60k she would have had is lost, everyone reset money when there is a server wipe- but you can get money that you donated for back.. like the premium+ money which I gave you :P


I will look at the claim blocks when I have a bit more time on my hands.

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