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Annoying dragon death sounds? Try a soundpack!

llaya [LayaElisabeth]

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So, with the help of Lancelot, i created a custom sound pack (Windows only). It's like a texturepack but for sounds instead and needs to be installed in the resourcepack folder.


To install;
-Open your game menu and click "options", then "resource packs".
-If you click "Open resource packs folder" you can paste in the soundpack.zip file.
-Close the folder tab and reload the "resource packs" submenu and select the downloaded pack.
-Click "done" and wait for it to load.



Current available pack*:

-The dragon fart pack; replaces the death sound with a soft and smooth sounding fart with credits to Mike Koenig




*If any player would like me to make more packs with other sounds, make sure to post a reaction with a clear request and add a safe downloadlink to a funny/cute soundfile free of copyrights and include them in a reaction. 
I will not open/use links from shady download websites, neither will i expose myself to copyright infringement, double check if soundfiles are permitted to use for public ends.
Please use sounds under 5 seconds, i'm not planning to use the star wars theme for those of you with crazy ideas.


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