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Ban Appelation [Username: Juanitosare]


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

Hi Staff Members, im posting this to appeal my ban, a 1 year ago i received a Permanent Ban for Say: "Casi me hice Cacacraft" (Traduced to english is: "I Almost Poopedcraft"), an Staff Member (Powerwarp) Banned me for the following reason: "Advertising Constantly". I only say "Cacacraft" 1 time and banned me for Advertising Constantly. Please help, Juanitosare is a Powerful Account.

[3] Ban Category:


[4] Ban Duration:

Permament ban

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

[7] Your Reason:

I didnt constantly advertise

Please Unban me

Juanitosare or 84T - Professional ES Player

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As RuisuMC said in the other topic you made, please use this template and dont duplicate the post, just wait for an answer.

(Como dijo RuisuMC en el otro post que hiciste, por favor usa esta planilla y no dupliques este post, espera la respuesta).




(Moved to Unban Requests from Complaints)

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Powerwarp is among one of our most revered staff -and manager- of all time. If now the ban states you were advertising constantly I’d be more inclined to believe him over you, no?

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Henk's translation. Traduccion de lo que dijo Henk: Powerwarp es uno de los staff mas correctos/ejemplares de todos los tiempos. Si su ban dice que estabas haciendo publicidad constantemente, estoy mas inclinado a creerle a el que a vos, no?

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I'm sorry, there doesn't seem to be any evidence to prove that you weren't advertising constantly. And honestly, we'll always take a former manager's word over yours when you can't prove your point.


Unban request denied. Topic closed.

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