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refund request

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 [Refund Request] wolfient

Your Name: wolfient
Item Name + ID + Amount: draconic helm [5598] [1]

                                                 draconic chestplate [5599] [1]

                                                 draconic leggings [5600] [1]

                                                 draconic boots [5601][1]

                                                 draconic bow [5583][1]

                                                 draconic staff of power [5587] [1]

                                                 chaos shards [5575][6]

                                                 chaos solar panel [8995] [3]

Description of Issue: the game crashed and cleared my invintory the chestplate and the leggings had chaos armor upgrades and they also had chaos rf capacity upgrades with draconic shield upgrades on both .the staff of power had chaos damage upgrade and rf upgrade .draconic bow had chaos draw speed and arrow speed. thank you very much

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Do you have any proof that you had these items? Because these are some very powerful items and from what I see you have only been on the server for two weeks. Do you have any screenshots that could prove it? If not then you will have to ask for a rollback instead 

 If you need the rollback instead then you could just go ahead and edit this topic

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He's lying. Neither the armor nor the staff of power can actually be upgraded to the chaotic tier; only the flux capacitors can. He has no flux capacitors listed - thus no chaotic upgrades are possible unless he utilized a glitch - which is a crime in itself. When that is so clearly a lie, how can you trust the rest of it?

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