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Minecraft 1.13 Released! UPDATE AQUATIC IS OUT ON JAVA!


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  • All undead mobs now sink
  • Changed underwater visibility
    • Your vision will gradually increase the longer you're underwater
  • Overhauled world generation
  • Overhauled command parser
  • Added new world type "Buffet"
    • Allows you to create worlds with a unique biome
    • More features will come to the Buffet world type in later updates
  • Added a bunch of new sounds
  • Added three new pieces of music
  • Added underwater ambience sounds
  • Added a swimming animation
    • Press your sprint key underwater to start swimming
  • Added data packs
    • Allows you to edit recipes, tags, loot tables, functions, and advancements
  • Added new advancements
  • Some blocks can now be waterlogged
    • Use a water bucket on a block to surround it with water
  • Added an "Optimize World" button (singleplayer -> edit world -> optimize world), which upgrades an entire world from older version to the latest version in one go


  • Added blue ice
    • Found in icebergs
  • Added coral blocks
  • Added coral fans
  • Added coral
  • Added conduit
    • Combine 1 heart of the sea together with 9 nautilus shells to create the conduit
    • Makes your life underwater a lot easier
  • Added dried kelp block
    • Combine 8 dried kelp to create a kelp block
  • Added kelp and seagrass
  • Normal pumpkins no longer have a face
  • Added carved pumpkin
    • Use a shear on a pumpkin to carve it
  • Added sea pickles
  • Added bubble columns
    • Use either magma blocks or soul sand to create a bubble column
  • Added wood block
    • Combine 4 logs of any type to create a wood block
  • Added stripped wood
    • Right click with an axe on either logs or wood to create stripped wood
  • Added prismarine stairs and slabs
  • Added variantes for all 6 types of woods for pressure plates, trapdoors and buttons
  • Added turtle eggs
    • Be sure to protect them from hostile mobs


  • Added tropical fish
  • Added turtles
    • A friendly mob that lays eggs on beaches
  • Added dolphins
    • A neutral mob that will lead you to treasure if you feed it fish
    • Make sure to not hit them unless you want an entire pod after you
  • Added the Drowned
    • Hostile mob that can be found naturally in oceans and rivers
    • Can spawn with tridents
    • Zombies will convert into Drowned if they're underwater for too long
  • Added Phantoms
    • Get a good nights sleep if you don't want these coming swooping at you
    • Drops phantom membrane
  • Added cod, salmon, and pufferfish as mobs
  • Changed the horse model to be more consistent with other mobs
  • Removed Herobrine


  • Added tridents
    • The newest weapon in Minecraft
    • Drops from the Drowned
    • Works as both a melee and a ranged weapon
  • Added trident enchantments
  • Added the ability to catch fish with buckets
  • Added map markers
    • Hold a map in your hand and right click on a banner to create a marker
  • Added heart of the sea
    • Found in buried treasure
  • Added nautilus shells
    • Drops from Drowned and can be found from fishing
  • Added phantom membrane
    • Dropped by Phantoms and gives you the ability to repair elytra and used for Potion of Slow Falling
  • Added scutes
    • Dropped by baby turtles when they grow up
  • Added Potion of the Turtle Master
    • Gives you Slowness IV and Resistance III
  • Added Potion of Slow Falling
  • Added dried kelp
  • Added spawn eggs for all the new mobs


  • Added multiple ocean biomes
  • Added coral reefs
  • Added underwater caves
  • Added underwater ravines


  • Added shipwrecks
  • Added underwater ruins
  • Added icebergs


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