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[Island Rollback Request]Alex7500 (Post by Techno1001101)

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Name: Techno1001101

Owners Name: alex7500

Coords: -14602 , 144, 14002

Time when fine: 00:00  01:01:2018 (Appologies for long time) (If not possible try 4-5 months ago or when inactive player delete happened)

Issue: Island was owned by alex7500 an inactive player for a long time. As such his island was deleted though it was in use by me. All of my resources were stored on the island including a few almost irreplaceable items and at least one entirely unique item. As such I would appreciate it if the island could be restored to its former glory (If possible)

I understand this is unlikely to be possible but as Lancelot said miracles sometimes happen.


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