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I can't get in the minecraft direwolf20 server

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My problem is that I cannot get on the server.I had this problem in the past,it sas Invalide session(try restarting youre game).I just did a refresh and it let me in again,but now i tryed restarting my game,i tryed restarting my PC,and I tryed reinstalling the client.Non of that works.I can join other servers without trouble,but on the direwolf20,which is my main server,it would not let me in for some reason.I asked help on the discrod techical support server,but unfortunatly they didn't manage to help.I got and advice to restard my router aswell,that didn't work out either.So,if anyobody can help let me know.I really dont want to lose my progress on the server.Ty :D

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Hi, if you get Invalide session error and use a cracked client, you need to do the following:


1. Try to join the server, you will get kicked with invalid  session error.

2. Join a seconds time within 20 seconds from the first attempt, it should allow you to join as cracked.

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