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Refund request


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Your Name: Czolgista123
Item Name + Amount: 1000$ money
Coordinates (format x, y, z):  401, 72, -1799
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: NaN
Description of Issue: One of chunkloaders in my base just disappeared, i realized that happen today (26.07.2018) around 20.20 (UTC+1), probably not stealing because trusted person's in this claim are phoejames, ShinyPorygon (Helper) and xRegency (staff on discord) and they're all rich enough to not being suspected. That wasnt high voltage too, im using transformer upgrade's.

Actually chunkloader is replaced by new one, so i need only money refund.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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1 hour ago, Czolgista123 said:

I did not write that it was refunded, I bought it on my own.

That's why i need only money refund 

Sorry about the confusion.  I can refund you another chunkloader if you need it in the future, or I can give you the money back. Will leave the choice up to you :)

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