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Golden Shovel Claim - Private Plot setting


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Can we please fix or disable the current Golden Shovel claims that allow you to block out players from entering your claim.
People who put their claims protected anyone who tries to enter them will get kicked out of their claim meaning they cannot do the following commands and actions :

- Teleport / Spawn / Home

- Break blocks

- Throwing blocks makes it look like a duped item but you cannot pick it up it could be possible for someone to take some screenshots of the items dropped and say

"I couldn't pick them up not in my plot" or "I took them when my friend gave them to me thus that's when i took the screenshot".

- Im pretty sure ALL of the commands don't work when this BUG happens.

 - Also i never tested it but i think you deal no DMG.


* The only way you can fix this is by Recconecting / Entering a portal / Dying.

I find recconecting a bit of an issue for my computer for some reason 6ram is not enough for it to be stable.
Finding a portal might not be as easy you'd have to look through some places and you cannot break blocks if they are in your way.

Dying is my best option as i can just do /suicide and do /back to pick up my items but yet again i loose XP which is quite the loss

However there is a command that disables for others to pick up items in "YOUR" claim so yes we can have that re-enabled or it's already enabled.


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Changing perms so people can't set their enter-claim claimflag to false, is not an option.

People use it as another layer of protection, we can't take that away from players.

The default enter-claim claimflag is set to true, so there shouldn't be too many players that have it set to false.


My advise is to not try to enter random claims, so you can avoid having the problems.


We could set the default claim-flag that lets players pick up items in a claim that isn't yours to true, but if you can't get inside of the claim, you wouldn't be able to pick up the items anyway.

A different claim-flaig we could set to false, is the one where you can drop items inside someone else's claim. That way you can't lose items inside a claim or find a way to get items that aren't yours.




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The problem is it happend atleast 3 times to me while i was doing random teleports.
I spawned inside them and it kicked me out and off the game.
People can just put lava around it and you'd get kicked off into the lava or spikes, but i don't think anyone would do that but it is possible.

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