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Command Request [OriginalRewind]


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Account Name: OriginalRewind
Rank: Sponsor+
Requested Commands^: WorldEdit, /Enchant, /Powertool
Reason for Request*:

WorldEdit - One reason is that I would like to create larger, more complex builds in my town and clearing out areas to build on can take a long time, worldedit would help to speed this process up. Another reason for this is that it would also help me to fill in certain areas quickly if I need to build there. ~For example on the land where there is a hole or a pool of water. I will also be building a space station at some point soon and worldedit would help me to get the base perfectly symmetrical without having to spend a long time building it block for block on both sides.


/Enchant - The reason I would like /Enchant is to save time enchanting my items instead of spawning in the relevant books any time I want to enchant an item.


/Powertool - I would like this command mainly just for fun and mob fighting. I don't PvP much but if I ever do, I won't use the items influenced with /powertool in the PvP situation

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Commands added, there are a few things you should know:

  •   Try to not use worldedit on large areas as the server will crash, all worldedit actions are logged
  •   The commands to toggle powertool features is /powertooltoggle so please be mindful of that when being on the server to avoid any unnecessary accidents
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