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 [Command Request]*HoraAuxesia*


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Account Name: HoraAuxesia
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands^: /god /clearitems /top /thru
Reason for Request*: My request for /god is simple: invulnerable but able to interact and harvest blocks as in survival. While having creative is nice, you can't interact with the world in it. Blocks shatter and vanish. For /clearitems, there are many times when you manually mine and leave trails of cobblestone behind you. With /clearitems, all dropped items within a certain block distance are cleared from the ground. The /clearlag command can also accomplish this just as well. The command /top takes the player to the top block in that area and is useful for getting out of deep mines without going to /home or /spawn. /thru is useful when you end up in a place you shouldn't be (like another player's base or town) but can't get through a wall or structure because they don't allow block breaking by outsiders. This has happened while exploring and mining, where I ended up in another player's mine/base and could see the outside, but not get to it. Thank you for your time.



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