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Invetory and Town rollback request

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Recently i got an inventory rollback for my lost Me storage cells  . After that i connected the ME drive with cells into my ME and everything worked . Later i moved some things from my ME system to another ME system because They weren´t mine and i wanted to give everything back . With the right things in the right ME systems i disconected ME system to send it . I put everything into golden bag of holding and sent it through market but the person wasn´t online and didnt recieve the bag . So i am asking for inventory rollback and town rollback . I could ask just for town rollback and put my cells into chest somewhere else but some items could get duplicated  and thats what i dont want . I think that inventory and town rollback is better solution . The reason why i want the rollbacks is to get the person´s things back because They are not mine and i want to give it to the person.
My name at server is GreenandBlack20
My town name is GreenWood
My coordinates to town are x:426 z:3131
Rollbacks time : Anytime at 27.August 2018 

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