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Do not understand inventory warning message.


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I'm writing this because I've never been able to get a down-to-earth, comprehensible question when I've asked online.   The chat frequently has the message:


Do not store too many items in your inventory as Minecraft was not design for modded madness storages and your inventory will get corrupted and lost!"

The message is simple enough but I don't understand it. 


Is it talking about the inventory you carry, or the inventory of containers you may have?


Is it a general warning that "bad things can happen at any time, so take care to minimize what you carry so that you don't lose overly much when they do?


Does it mean that there is some specific limit over which carrying objects is more dangerous?  If so, how many items are "too many".


I appreciate the great help I've had on line and hope some clarity or examples can be offered here.


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As I understand it, do not carry containers that have other container with lot of items. For example having golden bag/satchel which contains other bags, that have other bags with lot items in it (you can expand this recursion 'bag in bag' more). Or moving your AE2 ME System by taking all storage cells and putting them in one or multiple bags.


I have no idea where the limit is of how many items you carry are too many. For that reason the message is of little use.

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