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[Item Request] Direwolf20 1.7


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Hi, im playing on Direwolf20 1.7 server and me and a friend have problems with the vampirism quest of witchery, my friend cant get more than lvl 2 of vampire because for some reason game get bugged and he cant lvl up, the quest is to stun 5 villagers in the same night, he was like 10 minutes stunning villagers and drinking blood and didnt work,we got the villagers from thaumic tinkerer and not from villages, i have another problem with the lvl up from lvl 7 to lvl 8, i need to fly from 1 witchery generated village to other, but the overworld villages doesnt work because minecraft dont recognise them as villages because of the amount of villagers there are (usually 0)

then i cant lvl up, theres an item called bottle of lilith's blood that let who drink it to lvl up once at vampire lvl so i want to request 3 bottles, 1 for me for skip this lvl that is imposible to do because of world limited size and 2 for my friend, 1 for his lvl bugged and 1 for the lvl i cant get, i tried also on mystcraft dimension villages, but didnt work because its not overworld

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