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Can't get achievement for lich killing


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Hello. I have killed three liches in the past few hours and acquired 2 scepters of twilight and a scepter of life draining. Two of these liches were killed with a shuriken, one with a rapier, and yet I somehow haven't gotten the achievement needed to move on to the next twilight forest boss, which I believe to be a Minotaur or giant mooshroom. Am I supposed to use a vanilla sword to deal the killing blow against a lich in order to get the achievement?


Thank you,

Evan Johns



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Yes. I walked into a swamp with black dots in the air (probably bugs) and got increasing hunger (up to level three) as I stayed in there. I also went into a dark forest biome and got blindness until I left (I did not go too deep into the biome, and I was on the leafy treetops to avoid getting lost). However, I have not walked into a snow forest yet, because I have not found one. I don't think those things would happen if I had the lich-killing achievement, unless I'm wrong?

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Killing the lich and getting the achievemtnshould indeed unlock the swamp and dark forest.
From the twilight forest pedia:

If you want i can see if i can see if the advancement can be granted manually (tomorrow). Otherwise bruny will have to step in.
Do you have a screenshot of your current Twilight Forest achievement pagein the meantime?

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