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Server rollback 6-7 hours

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Your Name: Mr_Makrell
Island Owner Name: Mr_Makrell
Coordiantes: XYZ: 9979.688 / 36.99720 / -19688.416
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): there was a reset about 30 minutes ago (15.09.2018, 22:30 CEST), and i wish to have the island reset to around that time again. half an hour back is okay, if theres no other option
Description of Issue: i joined to work on some stuff, and the server restarted and i tought, alright i can go on the toilet real quick, but then i came back, and i noticed that nothing was where it was just a few minutes ago. i noticed my RS controller was almost out of energy, and that was when i realized my island had been set back atleast 6-7 hours. would be very great to get those hours back, because i had been working non stop on a max size reactor, to complete the achievemt. i lost all motivation when i saw everything had been reset :(
Screenshots (Optional):

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