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[Refund Request]TNT_sword


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Your Name: TNT_sword
Item Name + Amount: Wireless Crafting Terminal, 1; Infinity Booster Card, 1.
Coordinates: My base and Funkapee's
Description of Issue: i was making a wireless crafting terminal and an infinity booster for Funkapee and when i finished it i noticed my own wireless terminal (had an infinity booster) wich was equipped wasnt on Range: Infinite , so i took it off to maybe it was only a display glitch and it would go away. Instead the wireless terminal along with the infinity booster are gone, went back and forth mine funkapee's base scrambling and looking everywhere for the tedius to make thing... but nothing, so i just gave funkapees the single wireless crafting terminal and infinity booster that remained and i've basically lost mine to a glitch
Screenshots (Optional): its just my inv without a wireless blablabla and blabla card.

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