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In-game tag change


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*I was told by Admin to create this post since I made one almost a year ago and it was completely ignored*


In-game name: Heqt

Proof of me having a tag: https://imgur.com/a/WcLXzGj 

The screenshot was taken before I changed my Minecraft name. 


The tag I'm interested to have: [Wonder]


Color of the new tag would be as same as Premium rank which is blue


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Special thanks to DanTheCiiTo for linking some information :3 ❤️


However, If you checked my previous post 1 year ago when I asked to change my tag, I wouldn't have to do this, my MC name wouldn't be changed and It would be the original. I got bored of waiting.


Here's the proof of Heqt having the tag (In my opinion, was not needed) https://imgur.com/a/lvmBOhY

When It comes to a point to remember what name I had when i bought my tag, I had to find the receipt of my payment : https://imgur.com/a/i7jS7xO 

The original name was xWonderious_

Date: Jun 23, 2017 08:43:52  PDT


If it's not possible to change then you should say something. I don't want this post to be somewhere in the 10th page waiting for someone to answer. 





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I needed the original payment because I had to link that to this edit, usually there is a breadcrumbs to follow to find the original payment, but I wasn't able to here, so thanks for providing that.

Sorry for the wait, the prefix should be updated on your next login.

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