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[Complaint] Hotboy_PVP & uskut


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In-Game Nickname: Leee31416



Time and date: around 19h30 23/09/2018



Description of what happened: So Hotboy_pvp asked who wants loot then i said: me gimme the loot. Then i tp to them which was in their claim obviously where pvp was enabled, then he killed me and took my stuff. simple as that and it appears that im not the only one who got pvp scammed which is against the rule of ther server then uskut started saying that im the one who killed them but im pretty sure its clearly marked in the log of the server that i didnt do nada and hotboy is the one who killed me, he's also rocking a nude female skin and his town name is porn

sounds like a pretty immature individual to me...



Screenshots or Proof: I dont have screenshot of the event because he killed me very quickly but we did manage to find their house back which is at x1513 z1522 y68

i do have screenshot of the chat tho where he claims that im the one who killed him and where tiler says that im not the only one who got pvp scammed today 





List of eyewitnesses: tiler, oozoozami


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In-Game nickname: Bcaseb

time and date: 11:28PM PST (GMT -7) 9/29/2018

Description of what happened:Hotboy and uskut have been pvp scamming (or so chat said) and people were getting irritated. they decided to stick around peoples bases and try to steal stuff I guess. hotboy told me to tp to him and I took off my gear and got ready to take tp.... then i got a request to tp to me, didntread it and uskut was in my base. he started wandering around after I asked him toleave. Uskut left about a minute after this screenshot saying he had lost everything.

It is of note that the stuff Uskut is referring to was lost when he would not leave my base... and literally wandered  into the 60 block vertical mineshaft I have bordered by warning  blocks and fell to his death. I didnt realize he had died until after he left the server.

When asking them why they wouldnt leave this was posted:


When I said Usuk i meant uskut I just had a dyslexic moment.

I also have screenshots proving uskut was in  my base if needed. I can't seem to upload more than 1 in this post.

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