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Account Name: thedeath_1

Town name: / Character name : builders

Server: dw1.7

Coordinates: x= -4300; y= 70; z= -840

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 16.09.18

Description of Issue: DDDKiller duped items and i didnt knew that. i invited him to my town because he was friendly and asked for it (16.09). after that i played with lpbaron 3hours more. then i went offline for a week. after that my base was deleted and i didnt knew why. one of your supporters told me all and now i really want my base back. im playing know since 3years and peoples like opgold can proofe that im not a cheater or sth like that. i hope you can help me...


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i know you we're legit but you got multiple dupers in youre towns over time, thats why they got deleted. dont invite people you dont play with if you get this town rollback!

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