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Refund Request


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Your Name: DezeGames

Coordinates: X 3191.53041 Y 11.0 Z 5147.47574
Item Name + Amount:



1 x Power armor Chest with Camo Module | Advanced Battery | Wing Module | Advanced Plating

1 x Power Armor Leggings with Advanced Battery | Kinetic Energy | Advanced Plating.

16 x Steel plates

1 x Power Armor Helmet with Advanced Solar Panel | Advanced Battery | Diamond Plating | Water Electrolyzer | Radiation Shielding | Airtight Seal | Night Vision

1 x Power Armor Boots with Advanced Plating | Advanced Battery | Radiation Shielding

1 x Power Fist with Axe | Pickaxe | Shovel | Rototiller | Leaf Blower | Diamond Drill Upgrade | In-Place Assembler | Advanced Battery | LP-Hud-Config


Description of Issue: I was gliding with my power armor when I touched on top of a stone to hard, I did /back tried to catch some of the items from the ground but I was only able to get my power armor shoes and Power Fist and 16 Bronze PLates and my wrench.

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