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New Item to Spawn shop


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So since my idea for adding spawn eggs of the crimson cult bosses was nixxed, I have dug into it and found an alternative solution.

Since late game stuff is locked behind the ability to fight these bosses, how about we add the Primordial Peals to the Shop ($400) and the Praetor Armor set aswell $2000 for full set or $500 a piece. Also, since the only way to progress the research for thaumcraft is to scan a crimson cult cleric/knight, maybe a spawner for clerics/knights available for sale. they are supposed to be prevalent in the world, so roughly $800 for a spawner seems fair. 


Due to unorthodox means, I was able to generate enough flux to force spawn a crimson cult raid, however many players getting into thaumcraft wont have access to the amount of resources needed to repeat this sledgehammer approach to a problem that should be one of the first researches they get. The spawn eggs cause no issues either, they have them on the shop in craftersland IE and a mod has since shown me they are spawnable without repercussions to the server. 

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