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I am in the process of packing up my base to move and i broke my me storage system and was transferring all of my drives to another chest and the server kicked me and now when i try to reconnect it just says packet was larger than i expected, found 34155 bytes extra whilst reading packet 53. any idea what happened and what i did lol any info could help on how i could try and fix this 


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You put too much stuff into a chest.
I would suggest a town rollback/inventory rollback 

To get your town back to a safe working order and then the next time try to limit how many drives you move in the future don't stuff them in a chest or golden bag.

Edit your original post and add these details needed for an Inventory and Town Rollback.




Overall though I just need a date when everything was fine, and i'll try to roll you back as close as i can.

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