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refined storage

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I think the refined storage drives should be banned due to the vanishing bug with them that happened to me today the other stuff from the mod seems to work fine so far so just disabling the drives would make it to where you could still use the other stuff but not have to worry about people unknowling losing there items 


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I know the thread's a month old now but given the restart its worth looking at this. RS has been a never ending source of item loss since it was introduced and somehow the issues still haven't been resolved. Players who don't know any better show up fairly frequently on the server having lost items and it would be easier to just disallow it entirely.


Apparently there are issues with returning RS items when the mod bugs out too? But having never had to I don't know about that.

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Yup, and unfortunately that's the sort of thing that just instantly kills someone's enthusiasm for playing. Not giving players the opportunity to make that mistake seems like the best way to go, especially right now since few, if any people will have an RF setup right now.

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