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  1. Cubone

    refined storage

    Yup, and unfortunately that's the sort of thing that just instantly kills someone's enthusiasm for playing. Not giving players the opportunity to make that mistake seems like the best way to go, especially right now since few, if any people will have an RF setup right now.
  2. Cubone

    refined storage

    I'm not sure if that is the one since there have been a few issues in SMP that don't seem to be consistently reproducible but drive losses have been happening for as long as the mod has existed.
  3. Quantum Quarries are people's go-to quarry because of how easy they are to make but also appear to cause serious TPS issues. They are also available for purchase through the web store. Imo, its just bad mod design since they spawn their own mining world, chunk load to get the correct area, then mine a 10x10 area of it block by block.. Given how much of an issue TPS is on the server and how prevalent QQ is, I think they should be banned and people encouraged to use Void Ore Miners instead. The web store should also remove the QQ and replace it with a T2 void ore mine and retroactively give one to people who previously purchased the QQ.
  4. Cubone

    A Guide to Less Lag

    You can store the liquid XP inside EnderIO's Experience Obelisk. I believe it has infinite capacity (I think mine was at level 1500 before restart) and you can input/take out levels through a UI or pump liquid XP straight out of it.
  5. Cubone

    refined storage

    I know the thread's a month old now but given the restart its worth looking at this. RS has been a never ending source of item loss since it was introduced and somehow the issues still haven't been resolved. Players who don't know any better show up fairly frequently on the server having lost items and it would be easier to just disallow it entirely. Apparently there are issues with returning RS items when the mod bugs out too? But having never had to I don't know about that.
  6. Cubone

    Infinite sewage Ender Tank

    More specifically, the reasoning is that the only way to produce it is through moving entities with active AI and constant collisions which only scales horizontally. One person doing this in a low population server in a small-medium capacity is fine but given how the server already suffers, its just better not too. You say animal farms aren't an issue and, assuming you can see the causes of TPS issues, then I will just put down a farm. Given I can't see that and the server is almost never at 20 TPS when I'm on, I would prefer not to cause further issues if that can be avoided and providing inf sewage would save at least one farm without causing much mod imbalance.
  7. Cubone

    Infinite sewage Ender Tank

    Add an infinite ender tank to spawn with sewage using BROWN BROWN BROWN. Same reasoning as I gave for DW. Server suffers enough with tps and would prefer not to make it worse with a huge animal farm.
  8. It seems that Draconic spawners are spawning less and at looks to be about 1% as often. It also appears that Industrial Foregoing mob killers have also slowed down significantly since my wither farm has maxed out the health bars on screen for minutes at a time between kills (which were instant before). Same slowdown is apparent on the rare occasion normal mobs get spawned from draconic. Is it not possible to completely stop individual spawners that have too many mobs in the same chunk/surrounding chunks? Unrelated to that, I have a room with all the blaze types in draconic spawners but only the blazes ever spawn. Any idea why?
  9. Cubone

    Disable Refined Storage

    Honestly, I don't even think its worth the time. The mod has been broken for as long as its existed and does nothing other mods don't do better. Its only advantage is that it easier to get up than AE2. It would probably just be easier to stop anyone making new RS stuff and give anyone who already has a setup the equivalent in AE2 and asking them to transfer.
  10. Cubone

    Disable Refined Storage

    So RS has been a problem since it was added to DW20 and still doesn't work properly. Every day there are new people losing all their drives or items and needing a rollback and it seems like its not worth the hassle to players who have to wait for someone to roll back all their stuff or for the staff who have to do it. Simply not allowing people to use the mod in the first place seems like it would be the best solution, especially since there are so many alternative early-mid storage solutions that aren't plagued with issues.
  11. Cubone

    Chunk Loaders disappearing - Direwolf20 1.12.2

    I appear to have lost a spot loader that was definitely there before the patch. Gone in the last day as far as I can tell.
  12. Cubone

    I can t join server dw 1.12.2

    did you do the upgrade from 1.7 to 1.8 in the ftb launcher?
  13. Cubone

    [1.12] Infinite sewage Ender Tank

    That's from MFR for 1.7 or something equally old and i'm pretty sure sewers don't get area upgrades (or at least didn't back then) which means you need 6-8 animals in a tiny area to get 100mB/s. Its also 6-8 animals PER sewer and i need a lot more than 100mB/s. They also need to be moving which means either letting them naturally push each other using collisions and MC physics or forcing them to moves with fan/vector plates to get max output which is just added strain. These would also need to be done by any players wanting a sewer setup which will only cause more issues in the long run if people want IF farming setups.
  14. So I want to start producing sewage but doing so requires a large number of animals that only produce sewage while moving above IF sewers. Given the instability of the server as it is, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a public ender tank with BROWN BROWN BROWN as the code producing sewage instead of relying on a setup that will have a stupid number entities and a load of physics stuff going on.
  15. Cubone

    Spawn eggs for 1.12

    Few more suggestions for spawn eggs: Blizz Blitz Basalz

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