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  1. Your Name: CuboneItem Name + Amount: Wyvern Core * 31 Awakened Draconium Blocks * 4 Upgrade Key (Attack Damage) * 1 Description of Issue: items lost to crash at about 13:30 - 14:00 gmt 0. If nobody is around to refund soon, dont bother with the upgrade key as I can replace that without issue.
  2. So there is currently a bug with the market place that essentially limits unique listings to cap - 1. ei. unrakned users can essentially only have 4 listings rather than 5. Currently you can put up multiple instances of the same listing and they will stack rather than count as individual. So I can sell 10 items individually and have 4 different items up for sale and keep adding listings to the market but once you add a 5th unique listing (or whatever a player's limit is) there is no check to see if the item they are trying to list already exists. This means that you can no longer stack listings without removing something. Essentially this caps a players effecting market limit to 1 less than what they should have since adding that last item will stop them from adding items to their existing listings.
  3. Make all vote keys the same

    Fair enough. Figured it was something like this.
  4. Make all vote keys the same

    Currently there are 3 different, unstackable, types of vote key. Most come from normal votes, one of the votes (can't remember which) gives another type, and vote parties give a third. All the keys are visually the same (same name, description, enchant etc.) and because of vote delays it is somewhat difficult to narrow down which vote gives a unique type. There is no good reason for the vote keys from different events to be different in the game and since they all do exactly the same thing, they should all be the same 'type'.
  5. Password reset

    Ah sorry didn't realise there was a specific area for password resets.
  6. Password reset

    Can someone reset my password please. Sorry for double post, page didn't update. IGN: Cubone
  7. Password reset

    Can someone reset my password please IGN: Cubone
  8. Diamond Chips

    Just had a look and the current price is way to high. So high in fact that there aren't even 20 people on the server that could afford the $4000 required to build the lowest possible functioning T3 computer (screen, case, cpu, gpu, ram, and hdd). Any chance you can make it 16 chips rather than 1 for $100.
  9. Diamond Chips

    This would be a suitable temporary fix. They should probably also be pretty cheap since they can't be turned back into diamonds and are only useful in open computer crafting recipes. Most people doing OC stuff probably already have countless diamonds anyway.
  10. I thought minetweaker was already in the pack
  11. Is there any way you can send me a few stacks of chips in the mean time? I'm in the middle of a fairly large OpenComputers project and can't move forwards without T3 stuff. I have the diamonds for it. http://i.imgur.com/hMiQ4wz.png
  12. That would probably be better actually. Either way I OpenComputers is pretty useless until its fixed.
  13. Diamonds turn into 9 diamond nuggets when crafted however open computers requires diamond chips which are supposed to be made in the same way. Can you remove the nuggets recipe and replace it with the chips one and change the recipe for EnchancedPortals Dimensional Bridge Stabilizer to use diamond chips instead since its the only recipe in the game that uses nuggets (other than making a diamond from them) where there are several OpenComputers recipes using chips.