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Refund please read


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Hello, I'm having a bit of a situation and id like to know if you guys could help me out. 
A couple days ago I did a review on your tekkit server, which should give me 10000 ingame money. I did this a week before the server wipe and i did not know that a wipe was coming our way. As I entered the review in I waited over twice the said time it would take. Now obiously i dont mind that you guys probably have a life yourself so it doesn't bother me that it was a bit late, but when i got the money it was already just a day before the wipe and i did not know this was the case so i just proceeded playing. Now the wipe has come across I dont have my money which I could barely use, so I figured you maybe think this is a bit unfair just like i do and you would grant me the money back, at least I hope you think the same. So if you would like to give me the money back my in-game name is chandeer_trekker. 


Thanks, have a good day

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