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Refund Request SethRex


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game name: SethRex


server info: inf.craftersland.net


date from 07-10.18 to 14-10-18


so i have been losing alort of stof the last week to lack spikes specely when i put down my rasonat strong boks it resets when i place it on the gruondt


then i got some prop when i pick up my tech in the fild it just deceperes(lost 5 flortgats and 3 endertanks yestooday) ...


Refund Request:                               item id

5 Flood gate                                      1307 

3 ender tanks                                    2686:4096

300 k glowstone dust                         348

100 k (96 k) basalt                             680:1


side note we had a player hu was floting the server whit items yestoday unik items i will show you when you get online ManYouForgot



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