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  1. SethRex

    rollback Request

    Your Name: SethRexTown Name: AlantisCoordinates: X:-1944 Z:3765 Y:2Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):2 days ago around 20:00 Description of Issue: TheKappaPride Quarried the town causing crashing and lag to the whole serverScreenshots (Optional): https://gyazo.com/cfac8097c85b35e5675ad14d15f9fb3a
  2. SethRex

    staffer gets played

    ManYouForgot its not feeling it is the fakts that in thise case you got played big time
  3. Henk pls unban me for this bullshit carche it its not fair 14 days ban for BY ACCENDTLY HIDING ON ON BLOCK IN ANoTERTS BASE.  i ditten know my staf gut destrey claimt land...


    have can 14 days be fair for a mistake????


    and DezeGames lias to ManYouForget making falls claims he says i detred more land and then i shows a screenshot of land he claimt efter i was there go read my post..


    i tryed too kill hime whith my staf of power and then i ditten hide hime i hide one block in hes base and i get 14 days ban on that...


    agen pls unban me ore give me one dayes ban for treding to make the server into a dirt desert that was not cool of me to say i deserve one day ban for that i know that


    but i dont deserve to get ban for 14 for greefing a player.for hiding one block in hise base.


    and i will regust that you remove DezeGames from staf for making fals claims on forum especely if you want players to donate to you servers then you shutten higer KIDS as staf members



  4. SethRex

    staffer gets played

    ManYouForgot got played and trickt by another staffer Dezegames (helper)… Dezegames sayd i greeft hes base whit magic he even made nice screenshot of nothing... ManYouForgot ban me for 14 days for greffing Dezegames base ^^ very cool done..... there is just one propblem SethRex dosen know have to yous magic ^^ FUN FAKT ONE MORE FUN FAKT: thise screenshot shows were i hid his base whith my staff of power not magic and Dezegames claimt this area after i hide it.. i hide his base by aksedent and i censt on block i ditten even know my staf got do that and i got 14 days ban so fair one more ting Dezegames destreyd a part of my base (not claimt base) so playd…
  5. SethRex

    Complaint (SethRex)

    you are Liar man
  6. SethRex

    Complaint (SethRex)

    you are liar i dont do magic i was just looking at you i dont even know have to yous magic and then i hide a tree there wasent claimt and then you claimt the chunk i was in and tock a sceen shott of it and sayd i was greefing you base
  7. SethRex

    Refund Request SethRex

    game name: SethRex server info: inf.craftersland.net date from 07-10.18 to 14-10-18 so i have been losing alort of stof the last week to lack spikes specely when i put down my rasonat strong boks it resets when i place it on the gruondt then i got some prop when i pick up my tech in the fild it just deceperes(lost 5 flortgats and 3 endertanks yestooday) ... Refund Request: item id 5 Flood gate 1307 3 ender tanks 2686:4096 300 k glowstone dust 348 100 k (96 k) basalt 680:1 side note we had a player hu was floting the server whit items yestoday unik items i will show you when you get online ManYouForgot
  8. in game Name: SethRex server id : inf.craftersland.net Expert mode Time and date of first crash: 0230 Nordic time 03-10-18 i have sendt a screenshot of that messages i get when i try logging on. So i was out exploring and i kame to a place whit a lot of bases whit alort of Tech and then i crash and now i cant lock on.... i have tryed reinstall the game but i keep getting this messages that the game fount a to big a file too open...
  9. SethRex

    help whit corrupt invatory

    i am missing my qurry card from rftools and my awakendraconien blocks (60) after i my invatory got a rollback.. i lost some other stof too bot that is easy too rebuild jusat need those 2 things back pls
  10. inf.craftersland.net my invatory is corroptet got ME system from some player and he ditten say it was full so when i put into my golden bag my game crash and now i cant log on crash-2018-09-26_14.56.34-client.txt
  11. why do get ignored by staff members???
  12. game adr: inf.craftersland.net date/time 26-09-2018 0530 Nordic time zone In game name SethRex i got a ME system from one player and he ditten say it was full off stof and when i put it all into my goldenbag my game crash and now i cant log on .. i have attach the crash report... pls help me out ^^ crash-2018-09-26_14.56.34-client.txt
  13. i lost a lot of tings when i wanted too recharge my equipment my vibrant cap. bank. the items just disappeared when i put them ind can you pls fix that propblem? player id: SethRex Server: Inf. evo. Expert mode date 05-08-2018 time 1100 Refund request: elektrik steel Jetpack tier 2 7061:2 the end sword empower whit oct. cap. 5770 dark axe empower whit oct. cap. 5772 vibrant cap. bank. 1714:3
  14. SethRex

    Refund Request

    so i lost all my mony thise moning 2800 dollers in the rollback (02-08-2018) and my 24 vote keys .. and i lost 28 vote keys and 1 big key the day before too lacking server (01-08-2018).. Refund Request 2800 dollers Refund Request 52 normal vote 1 big key Playname SethRex server inf. expert mode

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