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[Complain] Rotomegax

Rotomegax The Cube Builder

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In-Game Nickname: I don't know because I cannot login to server



Time and date: 21h30 on October 24 and 18h15 on October 25



Description of what happened: Someone or something is trying to troll me. Everytime I login I've been disconnected . At first I though my ping is the one cause this but when I check in both case my ping is normal or not go to the threshold that cause disconnected. On October 25 I've played 15 minutes suddenly I've been disconnected and the situation happened again. Towilloughby tried to help me in two cases but it's no use. Also the theory about corrupted chunk cannot true because on October 25 I can play for 15 minute before disconnected continously



Screenshots or Proof: 

Ping checking on October, 24th:



Ping checking on October, 25th: this time even better


List of eyewitnesses: 

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@Rotomegax The Cube Builder The place seems stable for now however, due to almost everything being in one chunk I am not surprised that it disconnects you.


When I went near, after about 5 minutes it timed me out and crashed the server, this is likely due to what I have just said.


I recommend moving some stuff to other chunks to try and prevent this, your chunk is using around 15-20%, normally a chunk would use around 1-5%.

This shows that your chunk is causing quite a bit of lag, due to Continuum being on a new server it's TPS isn't affected however, if this was any other server you would be heavily lagging it (take SF3 for example).


You should be able to log back in now, I am currently at your base and don't seem to be having any problems anymore, for now. When ever you get the chance you should rearrange your base layout and make use of the surrounding chunks.

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Thanks @Towilloughby and @EPICfighters. I will begin to move the storage drawers, void ore miner with the ore processor with it and the Extreme Reactor setup out of the middle chunk as soon as I can relogin. But in the final case I'm affraid that I have to post the request to "demolish" - wipe entire base and make a refund request if I cannot stay long enough to do it. 

I hope that I have not to do that. Sorry for annoying you, the topic should be closed, further steps I will post on Discord or on Technical Support

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