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  You guys know, more and more people celebrate Halloween every year? And why wouldn't they? This festival is quite different than every other and it's something interesting for the most part of the teens nowadays. They love putting on a mask and I also do, because that's the only day of the year I can actually hide from the world (lol), the day of Saint 'Eve. 
  Okay, so, you don't need to be rich to be able to enjoy Halloween on max. I like the phrase "If you can't afford something, DIY it", totally true! You can use your imagination to make yourself a costume and decorate your home with some pumpkins, autumn leaves, some lightings, the normal seasonal stuff.
And to kinda recreate that spooky Halloween ambiance in minecraft, I spent some hours to embellish the Revelation spawn as it popped up in my head ?
But behind that, at first sight weird place, there is a story, that could probably surprise you... (or you rather get bored xD)



  In our castle as in every other, the king requires the staff to make the whole decoration for a certain ceremony. This year was not an exception! Everybody got ready for the preparation, there were over 1000 slaves working for their lord. Everything seemed to be fine, men were occupied with the hard handwork, like assemblying of furnitures and bringing wood to the fireplaces while women were cooking and decorating all of the halls adding small detailing that was helping the place to look even creepier.

And this hardworking lasted about 2 days when something happened... something that never has happened before!  


  People were afraid... They knew Satan was supposed to visit the overworld again like he does every year, his rage and cruelty growing more and more through the years, but were they surprised as he came days earlier. Filled with new powers, stronger than ever, he was ready to destroy the poor people's normal lives. Relentlessly, he poisoned the heart of the castle, infecting the whole area and leaving it spread across. He was unbeatable...


  He impisoned all of the innocent people, bringing them to the depths of earth, just under his throne, and forcing them into slavery. And every single one of their damned souls knew  what was waiting for them. Day after day, they digged gold in his terrible disgusting mines but his greed was infinite so when one couldn't keep the work anymore, driven mad with exhaustion, Satan wouldn't doubt but kill him. What a merciless lord he is!

  No one knows where the Satan is now... He is somewhere around the world, spreading pain and fear, that's for sure. Some suspect he might be in the Nether where the flames could be his friends because believe or not, even monsters feel lonely sometimes, even Satan himself... 


For the ones, who have escaped: Be careful! You aren't safe! He is still looking for you because his main goal is to conquer the world, to eliminate every breathing creature and you couldn't stop him expect you become his friend!



Well, I've got no idea what you just read xD I tried my best, ok? It's not as poethic as I wanted but it could be improved in the future, I promise!


Here are some pictures of the spawn, hope you guys like it ?


I also hope you enjoy the upcoming days and survive! ?


Happy Halloween!



~geri33, Revelation co-manager


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