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Another Agricraft Irrigation Problem

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I know there was another post made a bit ago that addressed some multiblock issues with the water tank and that there were patches made to fix the server issues caused by this, but I'm finding that they're still not functional.




In the picture you can see that the water fills the single tank block completely, but there's no dice with the water flowing into the channel. This means double no dice for functioning sprinklers. I really need the sprinklers to work in order to keep my wheat mature for my toast farm. :) if there's another way to get the sprinklers to work without having to use the tank I would be very grateful. For now I'm just gunna pray that RNG will be my friend until something can be done.

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I know this reply is pretty late, but with experiencing agricraft, sometimes breaking the source and putting it back in the spot updates it and fixes, now if that doesnt work you can also get a mechanical user with a reinforced watering can to make that work also!

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i've experienced this too. Breaking it and rebuilding it from scratch doesn't work.
The blocks simply don't seem to recognise each other. Even 2 tank blocks next to each other should connect (weblink has a picture), which they currently don't.

Using a bucket of water on a single one depletes the bucket and puts 1000mb in the tank, but adding extra buckets doesn't have any effect, the number will stay on 1000mb.
Using an empty bucket on the tank doesn't take water away.
My old tank which was full still displays the old water level even After i break some tank blocks..


Also, the openblocks sprinklers seem to have little to no effect on Agriculture or pam's.. Can't seem to find any documentation about it online either.
Watering cans however DO work, but is a tedious and timeconsuming job.

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