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Im confused about S+


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So i recently bought Sponsor+ on the tekkit server and im a bit confused, i read the benefits on the buycraft and all but i thought id have access to /thru. When i try to run it it says "You are not permitted to do that, are you sure youre in the right mode?" I've tried the command in both creative and survival.


So in conclusion, is it an error or is it a command ill have to request?


Thanks in advance.

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You don't have access to /thru from sponsor or sponsor+, and that's not apart of the rank and that is not included in the buycraft package either, however, you are given the ability to request commands using the forum - 


Obviously there is some trust required for requesting commands, and especially high-end commands. That depend on your ban record, how long you've been around, when you donated, etc. It's taken into account.


But /thru is pretty minor, so I the permission to you.

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