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[Refund Request] MinecraftXpert99

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Your Name:  MinecraftXpert99  Realname: Kai Leippold
Item Name + Amount: 1x Staff of Power (4758)

                                 1x Draconic Helmet (4765)

                                 1x Draconic Chestplate (4766)

                                 1x Draconic Leggings (4767)

                                 1x Draconic Boots (4768)

                                 1x Enhanced Charm of Dislocation (4766)

                                 3x Phase Field Generators (6020)

                                 1x Angle Ring (Invisible Wings) (4878)

Coordinates:  Dimension Minico (14851)
Description of Issue: I want to farm Minico inside the Dimension (you can see which dimension at field Coordinates). After I teleported me to the dimension my game crashed. After I restarted my Game, my game hang-up inside the Dimension and after a while I died. I lost all my stuff so i retried it with 2 other Phase Field Generators. I asked  for help on Discord and flamefuro tried to give it me with the consol, but it didnt work (Picture from Discord (Chat Skyfactory 2.5)). 
Sorry for the bad english (Im from Germany)
I hope the pictures will help (armor not shown but amor bar)







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