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Annoying fog inside biomes


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In the server ftb-infinity evolved expert mode is some annoying fog.

I googled allot and found a reddit post about the same issue.


It seems that Biomes O Plenty is having some thick fog inside a couple biomes. Unlucky this is the place where my base is... (probebly the only desert inside the map)

I got some huge plans of building a nice looking base here but with the fog this is the what I see: (flying in diffrent angles will sometimes make it dissapear)

File 1: good angle without fog

FIle 2: big fog

*the picture's are to book message me on discord to get them!* (mousekill007)


In the Redit post people are talking about a way to turn the fog off, in my opinion this will be awesome. Other peoples I talked to didn't saw a use for it aswell..

Could somebody change it or explain why it shouldn't be changed?


*the redit post link: https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/3ypvn3/whats_up_with_this_fog/

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This fog is client side only config. You can edit THIS TWO LINES to false (they are set to true by default) or all the lines in "vanilla biomes to override" { ... } in ...\FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7\.minecraft\config\biomesoplenty\biomegen.cfg to get rid of the fog in the desert or everywhere respectively. You can replace your biomegen.cfg contents WITH THIS or install optifine (removing fastcraft first) and change THIS OPTION to off.

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