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  1. 1. Should we add /fly back for sponsors

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So as many of us know, /fly has been removed from sponsors in Assassins Creed.

Sponsors ingame complain about this and i think they have the right too because it means a few things.


1. /enchant is also removed meaning that the 2 best commands are gone. which makes the rank on ac rather useless.

2. many of our players actually bought the sponsor rank for the fly and enchant. which means they wasted their money.

3. Sponsors got used to the command, cant take it away now.


Let me know what you guys think, if it should stay or its to OP.

Also tell me about other commands which can be used instead of fly.



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I do really like this post and to see what the community thinks. In this case, I agree that the enchant command could be something really OP for Sponsors but in my opinion the fly command should stay. It was the top reason of buying the rank and also something amazing for lazy people who want to travel around the world easily and also a tool for doing some really hard parkours.


I know there may be tons of pros and cons about this so it would be amazing to see what others think (as for the good and the bad things) and to find the best solution!


Thank you!!!

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