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libel and ban


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(moderator ManYouForgot) slandered me in that I cheater and without any evidence gave me a ban for 9 days  (Rule 2) 2nd offense Exploit+Hack) 

the first time he slandered me that I cheater (when I voted for the server more than 6 times) I don't see anything illegal about the vote.

please provide all the evidence for the prosecution!

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Player has been found to have Exploits installed in there client when looking through logs.


He was also banned for the same exploits installed on DW20 1.7.10, 3 days ago which he claimed he's never even been on dw20 1.7.10 and looking through the punishment history you've been banned since 2016, 4 times for similar things on DW20 1.7.alone. If anyone needs confirmation on it i will gladly give you the logs on discord or you can verify it yourself with file 2018-11-11-6.log

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It's pretty serious to accuse one of our managers to have altered and faked log files in order to try to disprove your "innocence".

Nonetheless, even though I have great trust in ManYouForgot, i will take your accusation very seriously and check myself if this is true.


First off, I'd like to let you know that we not only have one location for log files, infact every backup we do which is multiple times a day, all have their own log file. Not only that, we also have logs for everyone who accesses the ftp and especially if any edits are made, as that is apparently clear.


So, with that being known- I did check the file which he refers to above and that appears not to have been reuploaded in any way(that being edited.). I also checked the backed up version and both of these have the exact same date and time as of the last edit was made. Which is also the exact same time where the logs cuts off. Ontop of this, Manyouforgot's FTP user logs has only downloaded a handful of log files from this folder, but never ever has he reuploaded a log.

And yes, in all versions of the logs it shows bright as day that you are using a hacked client or mod.



This all being said, with a 100% certainty, ManYouForgot did NOT alter the log files. 

I will NOT disclose our log files with you, as that is sensitive information, as well as our methods of finding if someone is using a hacked client or mod is our own little trade secret :-) 


Now, I've got absolute concrete evidence that you were violating rule 1, and infact, you yourself admitted to using the voting explout (rule 2) in your previous topic:

 Even though that was something we already knew.



It's our judgement to determine if the evidence that we have is sufficient enough for a ban- and it is. What your opinion on our evidence is is completely irrelevant, infact. This is a ban appeal and the intention behind it is for you to prove your innocence, but instead you point fingers at us yelling and saying we're wrong.


We know we're not wrong. You know we're not wrong. Everyone knows we're not wrong. If you were serious about getting an unban then this is the completely wrong approach to it. We also know that you are apart of FF, so if we had any sort of doubts before - which we did not - that would have been laid to rest there.

Not to mention all the previous bans you have on our server network for this exact rule.



Unban appeal denied. You are welcome back in 9 days (Rule 1(7d) 1st offense - Rule 2 (2d) 1st offense.) And the bans become exceptionally larger and larger if you decide to come back to doing the same exact thing. So if you are sincere about wanting an unban and wanting to play on our server, I suggest you take that very seriously.


PPS: Remaking closed topics will only get you into mod queue(not able to post topics without moderator's approval) this is FINAL.

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