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Cryotheum Fluxducts

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Hello, well, so i'm here to report a problem with Cyrotheum Fluxducts, which apparently, after spending some time in the same chunk in which they are installed, they stop working, so that means, they stop transmitting energy, which causes some machines to stop working and in my case the mob crusher, as a result of this 200 entities are generated in seconds since i have cursed earth and some resturbed spawners, what's curious is that when i leave the chunk, instantly the cryotheum fluxducts work again and those 200 entities die by the mob crusher at the same time which could cause lag on the server cause of the excessive amount of particles...
In order im giving some screenshots of the problem:






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The problem is the cable setup, it's as if you had a resonant fluxduct and then continued the line with leadstone fluxducts, it downgrades the level and throttles the connection, in this case it just closes it. You either use pure cryotheum or pure glass cables. Or you could change to Flux points/plugs or XNet.

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