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[Complaint] Thor12092000_


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In-Game Nickname: Thor12092000_

Time and date: Tue 8 Jan 14:46

Description of what happened: 

After removing my information display from the town of AngelsOfDeath I teleported to my main base. I have then received a teleport request from Thor12092000_ which I have accepted, I teleported next to Thor who was standing in my base. After I placed a trashcan on the ground, he went on to ask me to go and sit in the trashcan. Shorty after this he went to the edge of my claim boundary and started placing obsidian in the way pictured in the screenshots, I attempted to remove this with the help of WorldEdit but he did not stop and continued until he got the result that can be seen in the screenshots. He has even bypassed my claim protection and placed obsidian in my town. I feel harassed when a player exhibits behaviour like this when I have done nothing wrong. I have also asked Thor to remove the obsidian but he ignored my message. Therefore I would like to file a complaint against Thor12092000_ for this.

Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/P1Kdf77

List of eyewitnesses: DaBe00593 - DezeGames

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@Archmaestro, i know you are attempting to annoy all the staff it appears, but this issue was solved the day of the problem in game, we do not NEED to make a reply saying it is closed, as it is for OUR convenience so we know what has been handled. Please don't bump topics that are not related to you. Thanks


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