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[staff] evie10


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In-Game Nickname: my username is Itz_OreoMC, his username is evie10


Time and date:

5 January 


Description of what happened: 

We get told if we have more hydra eggs in me. We looked and we have. So we gave it to evie10.

So after some time same day found we some backpacks and we was empty them. But i got a crash so i will not go on that server more for saturday.

I go down and eat my, my friend go home and eat.

When my friend come home so he see he was banned from the server after i eat see i also. We got banned for exploting. Because my friend have some backpacks some that can be make but he have only his own stuff in.


Screenshots or Proof: You know he have no proof so we have also no proof.



List of eyewitnesses: Itz_Hygum and me and anyone on the server on that time

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