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I never thought that it was something worthy of a post. But Im gonna make one just to see what the response would be

-The clan system can be competitive at the top ranks. First off the staff clan is the 3rd clan on the list. however most staff cannot be killed do to them doing work in gmc. also other clans are helpless because we cannot rival nor start wars with this clan.(which is the main point) There is simply no beating it. which undermines the whole clan system. Thanks

Edit/ I dont wanna come across negative. i could care less about this. it just interests me.

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Just ignore the clan in the list


The clan is there for the players who don't yet know all the staff ranks; therefore seeing Staff next to their name is a good indicator.

Yes, I know a few of the staff are not in the clan due to having their own clans which they manage, but for those who don't, it's useful to have.

I also don't see the need to war with the Staff clan. If people take the scoreboard that seriously then they can just get higher, it's like the staff regularly go around killing people. Though, the only people in the staff clan are Me and SupaSpork atm XD.


Only Mod+ have GMC. Although, some Helpers/Judges may have GMC through donation ranks.

Please note this is not an invitation to start killing staff, if they are helping others please don't start killing them.

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