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[Refund Request] ItsHarryFan11


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Your Name: ItsHarryFan11
Item Name + Amount: 3 stacks of Marble / 2 CO2 Scrubbers / 2 Carbon Collection Cartridges / 1 Oxygen Vent / 1 Powercell (Low) / 1 Signalum Fluxduct / 1 Lever / 14 Liquid Fuel Tanks from AR / 5 Liquid Fueled Engines from AR / 1 Guidance Computer / 1 Space Station ID Chip / 1 Seat from AR / 
Coordinates (format x, y, z): IN SPACE: x: -3585 / z: 6654 / y: 129
Coordinates of Death Tablet placed in a chest: none
Description of Issue: Went in a rocket to my space station, rocket poofed as soon as we got to the Space Biome, had to fly down to the space station and I can break everything but I don't get back my stuff.
Screenshots (Optional): 



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