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Missing inventory Refined Storage


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I made a Refined storage system put a couple of items inside and crafted all the comppnents for a tier 1 ore miner. After the server reset the crafting grid and the disk drive were rotated and all the disk drives and inventory inside it were gone. Is there a way to reclaim the items? I had gold, redstone, the components of the ore miner, iron and about a stack of litherjte crustal. 


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I'd advise against using Refined Storage and Reborn Storage for future gameplay. It seems that there has been issues as you've experienced. If you could reply with the following information that'd be perfect for a refund: (If more than one distinct item make a list with amounts)
Your In-Game Name: 
Item Name + Amount: 
Coordinates (format x, y, z): 

Additional proof (Optional):

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In game name: LordAinzz

coordinates: x:-55, z: 4411, y: 72 



1: Void Ore Miner Controller Tier 1

26: Structure Frame Tier 1

23: structure panels

2: Laser Cores

4: blocks of Litherite

6: blocks redstone

128: Litherite Crystal

10: diamonds

8: Connectors

20: gold ingots

24: slimeball

20: iron ingots



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