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Item Drop Dissapear

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I am the User DanTomaK


When i was playing Assasins! with an OP diamond sword in my hand in the spawn, i accidentally pressed Q and the Item Dissapeared

I dont know why this happened, but i Know that sword was very hard to get

The same thing happened with an OP bow, I dropped it by accident but the entity was not deleted, but then a guy came and I grabbed him, I asked him to please return it, but he left the server to never return it, so i want a refund of my OP bow and my diamond sword, because this really seemed very unfair to me because now I cant defend myself... The Guy thats stole my arch was " Maty_Pro "


The bow had:


Unbreaking 3

Push 2

and Fire Arrows


I dont remember the stats of the OP Diamond Sword, but please... Please do something!

I have faith that something can help me recover those objects


thank you for your attention and your time


That image its my inventory, as you can see i dont have any of the swords, i buyied a stone sword, and a bow with bad stats 


Sorry for my bad english, i talk Spanish.




Edited by DanTomaK
Im gonna edit this report to add some Images, The Images are not so descriptive, but maybe can help...

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