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Hello there, seems ive been griefed again by a very bored player, all machines destroyed but my valuables chest still intact and not stolen from (strange, as it had pain in the butt to acquire supplies inside and was a resonant strongbox) what gets me is the way it was griefed. My town perms were changed in such a way to allow oneself in to destroy items and modify land, this wasnt my own doing. I'm curious as to how someone could do such a thing. anyway, here is the rollback data needed.

Your Name: Dr_Shuham
Town Name: Gourdhaven_Farm
Coordinates: x: -4952 z: 2170 y: 71
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 3/22/2019
Description of Issue: Town griefed and almost everything of value destroyed/stolen. Town Perms possibly changed by unknown means (can you look in the log or something and see how it may have been changed?
Screenshots (Optional): 

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hold the phone, just got on, realized you've already done the rollback, thanks a bunch, much appreciate

as mentioned before, all my valuables are in base, safe and secure, and any tools that may be missing, i can remake (my tools arent super expensive anyways) so thanks for what you've done, i'll take it from here. much appreciated, as always


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