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[Inventory Refund Request] DeathHunter2010


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Your Name:   DeathHunter2010
Item Name + Amount: full power suit with mod's energy shield all 4 pieces, water electrolyzer, auto feeder, flight control,  jet pack, Magnet, uphill assist, sprint assist, 

jet boots, shock absorber,  also 1 infused enchanted sword, 1 infused enchanted pickaxe with silk touch, 1 infused enchanted axe, 1 infused enchanted shovel, 1 infused wrench, 

1 resonant Energy cell, and some wooden blocks I was working on my tree house.

Coordinates:  -4671.70, +5997.51    4.79(3)  next to lava and laser drill
Description of Issue:  The game crashed and when I logged back in I was die'ing in the Lava or laser not sure which and before I could move

I was dead, when I "/back" the items were all gone. e
Screenshots (Optional):


P.S.  This is Deatherbringerkgb aka Gerald Manning,  I am DeathHunter2010's father, he is only 9 years old so I filled this out for him

I built all those items for him so if its an issue replacing them I can make more.  Thanks.


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