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[Refund Request] AtomicGrog

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Your Name: AtomicGrog
Item Name + ID + Amount:

1 of each: Draconic Helm, Draconic Leggings, Draconic Chest, Draconic Boots, Draconic Sword, Draconic Pickaxe, Draconic Bow

Cant give ID's, cant see em ingame.

Each was upgraded to Draconic on all features and soulbound applied.Also 1 villager in a lasso (Doctor something was name)

Other items but have no interest in recovering them as easily replaced (lasso's, odd mining stuff etc.)

Coordinates: Mining Dimension, Approx -371, 40, 2335
Description of Issue: 

Was collecting villagers for the chunk loader via cubes. Was advised by a GM that it was easiest way (not trying to dib someone, was an open dialog regarding options.. cubes, turning zombie villagers etc.).
Chance cube basically removed all my items (Except baubles..) and replaced with dead twigs.

I can recover from the 'cost' loss (emc = cheat mode...) but it had about 3+ hours of upgrades and enchants on the items.

Might also be worth giving a warning about inventory loss or removing that particular cube outcome as its pretty drastic and never seen on other servers run by crafters.

Screenshots (Optional): 

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